Frustrated Because You’re Not Successful Enough Yet? Here’s My Cure!

Do you feel frustrated because you haven’t got the level of success you want yet, despite working really hard or despite putting in the effort for a long time?

Here’s the tonic to apply when it hurts ….

Samuel L Jackson started appearing in films and tv shows as extras or bit-parts as far back as 1972 and played just a hold-up guy with a few lines in Coming to America in 1988!! One of my favourite films btw!!

Samuel L was often told he was too good at auditions or that the part wasn’t big enough for him but he didn’t care how small the parts were. He knew that working with other actors and making friends might pay off down the line if they hit the big time and besides, a jobs a job, right?!

But blink and you’d miss him in Coming To America!!

It wasn’t really until approx. 20 years later in 1991 and his role in JungleFever where he finally made it to Hollywood and then 1994 and his phenomenal role in Pulp Fiction that he became a house-hold name. It was almost 30 years (YES 30 YEARS!)  into his career before “Shaft” where he was the main title role in a film!
LOS ANGELES -  4: Samuel L. Jackson in the Press Room of the 42n

But my point is this…

Those of you who do what you do because you want success…. Just keep going! You’ll get it if you can hold out long enough! It took “The King Of Cool” Samuel L, over a quarter of a century to hit the big time! So put your head down, go for it and hopefully when you get the success you worked for, it lives up to your expectations.

However, those who get into a career JUST because they want the fame, money, accolades or validation usually don’t last that long if they have to wait!! It’s just too hard to see themselves as a failure all that time!

So… If you do what you do just because you want to earn money or run an event just to get bums on seats or hear the applause, you will dread having to feel defeated when you don’t. Even if you’re great at picking yourself up each time and you’re totally determined it will wear you down!

And no matter how great you are, those bad days will happen for everyone!!!

Every actor will probably be in a film that flops. No one wants to throw a party that no one comes to!! But it happens!! And that’s OK!!! It’s important that you have those days and learn from them!


However here’s the secret….

If you’re doing your Facebook Live or putting on an event because you just LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE what you’re doing, you’ll be thrilled that even one person paid attention!! If no one shows up to watch you, you’ll have enjoyed the time you talked and got some extra practice. If you go to an audition and you don’t get the part, then be glad of the experience and get excited that an amazing part will be yours eventually and that’s one less audition between you and that part!

Trust that the rewards will always show up eventually! So find the joy in what you’re doing to get there!

In order for Samuel L to have taken all those bit-parts and possibly eaten shit for a very long time, he must act because its in his soul! Like there’s no other option for him and that’s what kept him going for 25 years before pulp fiction (plus however long he was acting before he got the first bit-part)

So for me the TONIC is this…

If you want success, do something that you LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE doing every day, even with no one watching, paying, thanking or caring. Not only will you get those accolades in the end just by out-running everyone else but you’ll enjoy every step of the journey too!!!

Apply Tonic Liberally Where It Hurts! Twice Daily Or As Necessary!

Thank you Samuel L Jackson!!! X

Playing In The Rain

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