Who Is Your Lighthouse?

Did you know that research has proven that people’s beliefs and expectations of you actually influence your results?
So your cheer leading squad, can really be the difference that makes all the difference to your success.

The Wake Up Call

I often hear myself say “life is too short” and as a rule, I’m a fan of the phrase. However, lately I’ve been painfully reminded that the phrase isn’t just a cliche!  It’s a wake up call. After all, it’s not that life is short. For most of us it feels like it’s very long…

The New Arrival

So it turns out we now have a cat!!! And it’s had an unforeseen and profound, but delightful affect on my husband and I and completely changed our life. We now feel ready to be “mum” and “dad”. I’ve wanted a cat since I moved from London back to the countryside 4 years ago, but…

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